vehicle related info

Vehicle registration information.

For sale of old vehicle
- Form 28 (NoC) need to be submitted to current RTO
- Pencil print of vehicle identification number from chassis is needed on three copies of form.
- original RC
- photocopy of RC
- insurance certificate

Should get the NOC and transfer forms 29, 30 from old authority first and then these should be submitted to new authority by the buyer.

Banking related info

State Bank of India

For savings bank - maximum free debit entries in six months - 30
six month period - Jan to June and July to Dec
Electronic transfer, ATM withdrawals at SBI ATMs, debit card based payments, service related bank charge debits - not counted.
ECS debits (e.g. to mutual funds SIP), cheque withdrawals, cheque based transfer, Withdrawal at other bank ATMs - counted.
All additional debits charges at Rs.5 per transaction with service tax. For n additional debit entries
round off to nearest rupees (5n*1.145) is charged as "Fee excess drs".

Rs.15 every quarter for sms notification service charges.

In a year 50 cheque leaves free of charge. Further leaves at Rs.2 per leave plus service tax of 14.5% rounded off the nearest Rs.